NYT: Learn How to Cook With These 5 Apps

Ready to spice up your kitchen skills and curious about how to get started? Let’s cut to the chase. Imagine wielding the power of top chefs from the comfort of your home, courtesy of your smartphone. Surprised? That’s right! Your culinary journey begins here, guided by none other than the best cooking apps, as endorsed by the New York Times.

How about a deeper dive into the digital sous chefs revolutionizing home cooking? Ready to bring the world of gourmet delights to your fingertips? Your gastronomic adventure starts now!


Unleashing the Power: A Culinary Revolution in Your Pocket

Why turn to cook apps, you may wonder? The answer is simple yet profound. The culinary world is vast, exciting, and sometimes intimidating. Cooking apps serve as an empowering tool, breaking down these complexities into digestible, easily accessible nuggets of gourmet wisdom. Let’s delve into the incredible benefits of these digital companions:

  • User-Friendly Learning: Cooking apps have an interactive interface, making it easier for users to follow. You can pause, rewind, or fast forward through steps at your own pace, allowing you to learn without pressure.
  • Access to Global Cuisine: From French pastries to Korean bibimbap, these apps bring diverse cuisines to your fingertips. They open the door to cultural exploration, enriching your palette and culinary repertoire.
  • Plan and Organize Your Meals: Cooking apps offer features like meal planning and grocery lists, reducing the stress of meal prep. Some even provide recommendations based on dietary needs or preferences, making it simpler to stick to your diet or explore new ones.
  • Build Confidence: With these apps’ step-by-step guidance, you’ll see your cooking skills improve over time. Then, as your dishes become more delicious and your techniques refined, you’ll gain the confidence to tackle even the most challenging recipes.
  • Connect With a Community: Many of these apps foster a community of food enthusiasts where users can share recipes, tips, and experiences. This interaction adds a layer of social connectivity, sharing your culinary journey.

In short, cuisine apps are more than just digital recipe books. They’re the ultimate culinary companions, transforming your kitchen into a dynamic hub of learning and exploration. So, ready to take a bite out of the digital culinary world?

The Efficiency Revolution in the Kitchen: How Cooking Apps Enhance Skills and Simplify Processes?

Have you ever found yourself caught in the intricate web of a complex recipe, with too many steps to juggle and ingredients to keep track of? The solution is at your fingertips: cooking apps. They aren’t just a fancy digital convenience; they’re an invaluable tool that drastically simplifies the cooking process and amplifies culinary skills. Let’s dissect this further.

  • Simplifying the Cooking Process: Cooking apps help transform an often chaotic cooking process into a streamlined and enjoyable experience. With an easy-to-follow, step-by-step interface, they guide you through recipes, reducing the chance of errors or omissions. Some even offer video tutorials for visual learners who prefer to see the process in action. The convenience of having a digital assistant in the kitchen cannot be overstated.
  • Enhancing Culinary Skills: Cooking apps are a continuous learning platform, offering endless recipes ranging from beginner-friendly to gourmet. Your culinary prowess improves as you navigate different cuisines, techniques, and dishes. The beauty of these apps is that they grow with you: the more your skills advance, the more adventurous you can be in your recipe selection.
  • Customizable Learning Pace: With an app, you control the pace. Are you a fast learner ready to whip up a storm, or do you prefer taking it slow, understanding each nuance before moving on? Cooking apps cater to all paces, enabling you to learn and cook comfortably.

Exploring the Culinary Landscape: An In-Depth Analysis of the NYT’s Five Best Cooking Apps

The digital world offers an array of cooking apps, each promising to transform your kitchen experience. Today, we deep dive into five such apps, distinguished by their popularity and endorsement by The New York Times. So let’s pull back the curtain and see what makes these apps stand out.

Tasty: A Visual Feast

Tasty, a culinary app developed by BuzzFeed, capitalizes on the popular trend of quick, visually stunning cooking videos. The app prides itself on providing an array of recipes, each equipped with a bite-sized video that illustrates each step of the cooking process.

The appeal of Tasty lies in its simplicity and instant gratification, making cooking appear accessible and fun, even for novices.


Tasty’s Unique Selling Points

  • Visual Storytelling: Each recipe is paired with a concise, visually appealing video that breaks down the formula into manageable steps.
  • Recipe Diversity: The app offers many recipes, from comfort food to gourmet dishes, and caters to various dietary preferences.
  • Tips and Techniques: Besides recipes, Tasty provides how-to guides on various kitchen tips and techniques.

Pricing and Subscription Details

Tasty is a free app that provides many recipes without requiring payment. However, they also offer a ‘Tasty Plus‘ subscription at $4.99/month or $39.99/year, which gives subscribers access to premium features such as early access to new recipes and an ad-free browsing experience.

App Availability

Tasty is widely accessible and can be downloaded from both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, broadening its reach to virtually all smartphone users.

Pros and Cons: Weighing Tasty


  • User-friendly interface with a visually appealing design.
  • A comprehensive range of recipes.
  • Short, easy-to-follow recipe videos.


  • Some users have reported technical glitches with the app.
  • The search function could be more robust to better sift through the extensive recipe database.

Yummly: Tailored Culinary Experiences in Your Hand

Yummly is an innovative cooking app that takes personalization to the next level. It uses AI to learn your taste preferences and dietary restrictions and provides recipe suggestions accordingly. With an extensive over 2 million recipes database, Yummly brings a bespoke culinary experience to your smartphone screen.

The Unique Yummly Edge

  • Tailored Recommendations: It uses your food preferences to suggest recipes you’ll likely enjoy.
  • Meal Planning: The app includes a meal planner feature, which can suggest meals for the whole week based on your preferences.
  • Handy Tools: It includes a shopping list feature and a cooking timer, adding extra convenience to your cooking experience.

Subscription and Pricing Structure

Yummly can be used for free, but a premium version is also called Yummly Pro. For a monthly subscription of $4.99, Yummly Pro provides access to chef-guided recipes, step-by-step videos, and excellent customer support.

Download and Availability

The Yummly app is readily available for download on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, making it accessible to many smartphone users.

The Yummly Balance Sheet: Pros and Cons


  • AI-based personalized recipe suggestions.
  • A comprehensive set of features, including meal planning and a shopping list.
  • Extensive database of recipes.


  • The user interface may feel a bit cluttered to some users.
  • The free version includes ads, which some users might find distracting.

BigOven: Your Comprehensive Cooking Companion

BigOven positions itself as more than just a recipe app – it’s a comprehensive platform designed to make every aspect of home cooking more manageable and enjoyable. A collection of more than 500,000 recipes provides a wealth of culinary options and a suite of convenient features designed to simplify meal planning and grocery shopping.

BigOven’s Standout Features

  • Recipe Importer: BigOven allows you to import your favourite recipes from websites, hand-written family recipes, or even those clipped from magazines.
  • Meal Planner: It includes a meal planning feature, allowing you to organize your meals for the week or month.
  • Grocery List: The grocery list feature lets you create and manage your shopping list in the app, making your shopping trips more efficient.

Pricing and Subscription Structure

While the basic version of BigOven is free, it offers a Pro membership for $1.99/month or $19.99/year. The Pro membership gives you an ad-free experience and access to premium features such as private notes, priority support, and unlimited recipe imports.

Where to Find BigOven?

BigOven is readily available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, making it accessible to most smartphone users.

Balancing the Benefits: Pros and Cons


  • A wide array of recipes.
  • Comprehensive features such as meal planning and grocery list.


  • The user interface may feel a bit outdated compared to newer apps.
  • In addition, some users might find the ads in the free version intrusive.

Food Network Kitchen: Celebrity Chefs at Your Fingertips,

The official Food Network app brings your favourite celebrity chefs into your kitchen. The app delivers a comprehensive cooking experience, providing thousands of recipes, cooking tips, and even live and on-demand cooking classes led by Food Network stars.

It’s not just about providing recipes; it’s about teaching you to be a more confident and skilled home cook.

Signature Features of Food Network Kitchen

  • Live and On-Demand Cooking Classes: Food Network Kitchen offers live and on-demand cooking classes with Food Network chefs, letting you learn from the best.
  • Recipe Selection: The app provides an impressive variety of recipes from Food Network’s celebrity chefs.
  • Meal Planner: It also includes a meal planning feature, allowing you to curate and organize your weekly meals.

Pricing and Subscription Details

While primary usage of the app is free, a premium subscription is available at $4.99/month or $39.99/year. The subscription provides excellent content, including live cooking classes, additional recipes, and an ad-free experience.

Downloading Food Network Kitchen

The Food Network Kitchen app is available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, ensuring broad accessibility for smartphone users.

Weighing the Recipe: Pros and Cons


  • Live and on-demand cooking classes offer a unique, interactive experience.
  • Extensive selection of recipes from renowned chefs.


  • Some users have reported the app can be slow and occasionally glitchy.
  • The amount of content may be overwhelming for some users.

Epicurious: Your Culinary Guide

It is a go-to app for food enthusiasts and home cooks alike. With a vast collection of recipes from renowned chefs, food publications, and home cooks, Epicurious offers a treasure trove of culinary inspiration.

This app is designed to simplify the cooking process, educate users, and delight their taste buds with an extensive range of recipes spanning various cuisines and dietary preferences.

Unique Features That Set Epicurious Apart

  • Recipe Collection: Epicurious boasts an extensive recipe library, with thousands of recipes covering various cuisines, skill levels, and dietary preferences.
  • Personalization: The app allows users to save and organize their favourite recipes, create shopping lists, and customize recipes based on personal tastes and dietary restrictions.
  • Cooking Manuals: Epicurious offers informative cooking guides, including techniques, ingredient profiles, and equipment recommendations, making it a valuable educational resource for aspiring home cooks.

Pricing and Subscription Options

Epicurious is a free app that offers its entire recipe database without a paid subscription. However, it does include some ads within the app experience.

Availability on App Stores

Epicurious is readily available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, making it accessible to many smartphone users.

Weighing the Culinary Scales: Epicurious Pros and Cons


  • Diverse and extensive recipe collection from various trusted sources.
  • Customization options to suit personal preferences and dietary restrictions.
  • Informative cooking guides that enhance culinary knowledge.


  • Some users have reported occasional technical issues and slow loading times.
  • The presence of ads within the app experience may be disruptive to some users.

Finding Your Perfect Cooking Companion: Key Factors to Consider

With many cooking apps available at your fingertips, finding the right one for your culinary journey can be daunting. Fear not! Considering a few key factors, you can navigate the app landscape and find the perfect cooking companion to enhance your skills and elevate your meals.

Content and Recipe Variety

When choosing a cooking app, consider the range and quality of its recipes. Look for apps that provide diverse recipes spanning different cuisines, dietary preferences, and skill levels. A good app will cater to beginners and seasoned home cooks, ensuring something for everyone.

User-Friendly Interface and Features

Opt for an app with a user-friendly interface that makes navigation and recipe discovery effortless. Look for features such as advanced search options, clear recipe instructions, and the ability to save and organize favourite recipes. A well-designed app should simplify your cooking process and not add unnecessary complications.

Personalization and Customization

Consider apps that allow personalization and customization based on your preferences and dietary restrictions. For example, the ability to filter recipes by ingredient, adjust serving sizes, or receive tailored recipe recommendations can significantly enhance your cooking experience and cater to your individual needs.

Reviews and User Feedback

Take the time to read user reviews and feedback on the app you’re considering. This can provide valuable insights into the app’s functionality, reliability, and user satisfaction. Also, look for apps that consistently receive positive reviews, which indicates a higher likelihood of a positive experience.

Additional Features and Resources

Beyond recipes, explore the additional features and resources offered by the app. For example, some apps may provide meal planning tools, grocery list management, cooking timers, instructional videos, or access to live cooking classes. Consider which additional features align with your cooking goals and preferences.

Unlocking the Secrets to Healthy Eating: Insights From NYT’s Tips & Tricks

In the quest for a healthier lifestyle, having a repertoire of practical tips and tricks can make all the difference. Luckily, The New York Times (NYT) has provided a wealth of wisdom regarding cultivating healthy eating habits. So let’s dive into some of their expert insights and gain inspiration to nourish our bodies and minds.

Embrace Plant-Based Delights

NYT encourages incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet as a key to healthy eating. Emphasizing vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, and nuts can provide essential nutrients, fibre, and antioxidants. Experiment with vibrant salads, hearty vegetable-based mains, and innovative plant-based substitutes to add variety and nourishment to your meals.

Prioritize Whole Foods

Choosing whole foods over processed options is a cornerstone of a healthy eating routine. Whole foods like fresh produce, lean proteins, whole grains, and unprocessed dairy offer essential nutrients without added sugars, unhealthy fats, and artificial additives. Make whole foods the foundation of your meals and limit reliance on pre-packaged, heavily processed items.

Mindful Eating Practices

Practising mindfulness while eating is an essential component of healthy habits. Slow down and savour each bite, paying attention to flavours, textures, and satiety cues. Avoid distractions like screens or multitasking, allowing yourself to fully engage with the eating experience. Mindful eating promotes portion control, aids digestion, and enhances the enjoyment of food.

Culinary Exploration With Global Flavors

Expand your culinary horizons by exploring diverse global flavours. NYT highlights the benefits of incorporating spices and herbs from different cuisines. Not only do they add depth and excitement to your meals, but many spices also possess health-promoting properties. Experiment with spices like turmeric, ginger, cumin, and paprika to elevate your dishes’ taste and nutrition.

Smart Snacking Strategies

NYT suggests adopting wise snacking habits to support healthy eating. Opt for nutrient-dense snacks like fresh fruit, raw vegetables, Greek yoghurt, or a handful of nuts to keep hunger at bay between meals. In addition, planning and portioning snacks in advance can help avoid impulsive, less healthy choices when hunger strikes.

The Bottom Line: NYT’s 5 Apps Will Teach You How to Cook With Excellence

In conclusion, the New York Times endorsed Best Cooking Apps provide an exceptional opportunity to embark on a culinary journey and master the art of cooking. With Tasty, Yummly, BigOven, Food Network Kitchen, and Epicurious at your fingertips, you can unlock a world of recipes, techniques, and inspiration.

These apps cater to various preferences, offering features like personalized recommendations, meal planning, and a diverse range of recipes from renowned chefs. So whether you’re a novice cook or an experienced food enthusiast, these apps empower you to learn and improve your culinary skills.

By embracing these cooking apps, you’ll gain confidence, creativity, and the ability to quickly prepare delicious meals. So let the New York Times-endorsed Best Cooking Apps be your trusted companions as you embark on your flavorful journey towards becoming a culinary maestro.

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