It’s Possible to Find Free WiFi With This App

Staying connected is essential for just about everyone these days. From keeping in touch with friends and family to making daily tasks and transactions, it cannot be denied that the internet has made the lives of people easier.

In order to stay in the loop at all times, however, individuals need to gain access to WiFi. The thing is, a wireless connection isn’t available to everyone, not when they can’t bring their routers wherever they go.

With the help of an app, users can readily find a WiFi connection near them. One such app is WiFi Connect – Internet Access. Get to know more about this app, what it has to offer, and how to use this.

  • Why It’s Important to Find Free WiFi
  • Learn About the WiFi Connect – Internet Access App Here
  • What the WiFi Connect – Internet Access App Has to Offer
  • Downloading the App
  • How to Use the App
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Why It’s Important to Find Free WiFi

There is no doubt that people are living in the digital age. Today, more than ever, there is a need to find fast and free WiFi connections for various reasons. After all, it promotes inclusion and encourages further education and development of those who use it.

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Free WiFi helps users and the public at large to stay connected. It lets individuals keep engaging with their friends and families, as well as businesses to continue their transactions with customers wherever they may be.

What’s more, it’s worth mentioning that different people can take advantage of this for their needs. Whether it’s for finding transportation or for education purposes, finding free wireless connections has the capacity to change lives even in the smallest of ways.

What to Look for in a Free WiFi App and Connection

Not all WiFi connections are the same. Connecting to public WiFi, in particular, poses certain risks, primarily because these can send out information to unwanted websites. This is why it isn’t exactly advised to access your personal or financial information using these connections.


For safety and security, you want to find hotspots that are equipped with their own passwords. Since it isn’t exactly standard practice to have free WiFi, gaining access to passwords helps a great deal in letting users connect to the internet without paying a fee.

Learn About the WiFi Connect – Internet Access App Here

One of the best apps on the market today is no other than WiFi Connect – Internet Access. True to its name, this app helps users find hotspots in their particular location.

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The app is available only for Apple or iOS users and can be used on their iPhones, iPad, and even Macbooks. This mobile app is designed and developed by Yurii Kobets and the app is free to use and download.


How the App Works

The WiFi Connect – Internet Access app works by finding WiFi hotspot connections in the user’s area. This app crawls the internet and hotspots in various countries and cities to users stay connected wherever they may be by leveraging the GPS of the device being used.

To make the connections more accessible, the WiFi Connect – Internet Access app gives passwords to help users enjoy unlimited connections.

What the WiFi Connect – Internet Access App Has to Offer

One of the main highlights of the app is that it gives users access to WiFi hotspots in over 50,000 cities around the globe. WiFi Connect – Internet Access can find internet and hotspots in just about any country and continent, from Europe to Asia to North America and Africa.

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Speaking of numerous locations, some of the places where users can find hotspots include New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, China, and Singapore, among many others.

The app shows a map to users so that they can see WiFi spots in their area or in the location they’re going to. Alternatively, individuals can even look up their address, city, or country in the app, and it will reveal available connections in the area.

To complement the aforementioned feature, this particular app shares the corresponding passwords to the networks, especially if they are private or they are protected. In line with this, users can save the WiFi networks and their passwords for future reference, making it easier to access when the time comes.

Other Notable Features of the Mobile App

Individuals who use the WiFi Connect – Internet Access app also have the chance to help other people in need. They can add new hotspots and even edit existing ones and their respective credentials so that other users can gain access to these spots if they’re looking for a reliable WiFi connection.

The app works offline, too. This is quite essential for people who’re having trouble connecting to hotspots when the signal is low. Once users have already saved the credentials or have looked up their area, they can already save the map showing the spots with internet, and they’re good to go.

Those who want to use the WiFi finder will be happy to know that it supports different languages. Some of the languages include English, Danish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and many others.

Downloading the App

To download the WiFi Connect – Internet Access mobile app, users should head on to the App Store and type in the name of the app. Bear in mind, however, that this app is limited to iOS users and to its respective Apple-powered devices, so only those with iPhones and iPads, as well as Macbooks, can use it.

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As mentioned, the app is free to download and use. It does not have in-app purchases whatsoever, so users are guaranteed to have unlimited internet access without paying a single cent out of their own pockets.

The app is suited for individuals 12 years old and up. Minors who’ll be downloading the app may need guidance from adults so that they can safely navigate the use of the app.

Specifications You Need to Take Note Of

Apple users need to know that there are some specifications in order to keep the app working properly and seamlessly. One of the main requirements to have the WiFi Connect – Internet Access app work right is to have at least 50.9 megabytes of free space since this is the size of the app.

Apart from the space requirements, users need to have at least iOS 11.0 or later in order for the app to be compatible with their devices. Mac users planning to download this should either have a Macbook running on iOS 11.0 or later or a Mac with an Apple M1 chip or later.

In addition, users should have their location or GPS open, especially as the app relies on this to find hotspots in the area. Users should be reminded that the app may use their location even when the WiFi Connect – Internet Access, which may affect their battery life.

How to Use the App

Once the WiFi Connect – Internet Access app has been downloaded and installed, all users need to do is open it to get started. Users will be asked to allow the WiFi Finder to use the location to see nearby hotspots. They have the option to allow this while using the app or to allow it once.

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Then, individuals will be asked to type in their address or city, which will prompt the app to find available hotspots within the area.

After seeing available hotspots, users just need to click on the option nearest to them. This will show the credentials, including the password. Tap on the password to copy. In the phone’s settings, choose the target WiFi connection and paste the password there. It’s that easy.

Helpful Tips for Navigating the App

Using the WiFi Connect – Internet Access app may seem quite intimidating to first-time users. Thankfully, it comes with a guide to make it easier for users to navigate. Individuals can read through the guide and navigation tips upon downloading the app. They will be walked through how to key in addresses or cities they are in to find WiFi hotspots nearby using the map or table provided.

Another helpful tip would be for users to put a star on their chosen WiFi hotspots so that they know what connection they can easily use in the future. The star allows users to save reliable connections and to see what works for them in the area.

To be extra sure, individuals who are connecting to WiFi hotspots outside of their own homes are asked to exercise caution so that they’ll be protected at all times. By refraining from accessing personal and financial information, such as banking apps, you can prevent your details from being mined or obtained by other WiFi users.

The Bottom Line

The WiFi Connect – Internet Access app is perhaps one of the best WiFi Finder apps on the market today. With this mobile application, individuals will have unlimited access to an internet connection while remaining safe and protected. With this app, and access to the internet wherever you go, you can become a digital nomad and work online.


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