Watch Football Online for Free on a Mobile Device With This App

Football is a long-standing, entertainment sport widely played around the world. As one of the top forms of entertainment, this game has brought much glory to both winning teams and spectating countries. Since its inception, the game of football has captured the imaginations of audiences globally. Even today, the sport incites the fans with passion and excitement.

And this year, everyone is anticipating the greatest festival of football—the 2022 World Cup and football fanatics from around the world have one question: “Where can I watch every game of the greatest football tournament?” After all, not everyone can afford to buy tickets to the venue, enjoy the game in person, and root for their favorite team.

Fortunately, the CBS Sports app, an online streaming platform, is giving you a chance to enjoy watching your favorite team play from the comfort of your home. Even better, you can stream live sports and entire shows from anywhere on any device for free! So, let’s dive right in to learn about this football streaming app and its features and see what other sports you can watch on the app.

  • Never Miss a Moment of Action with the CBS Sports App
  • Personalize Your Viewing Content
  • The User Interface
  • How Can You Download the App?

Never Miss a Moment of Action with the CBS Sports App

Owned and developed by the TV network CBS, the CBS Sports app is the online platform to get updates about all your favorite sporting events taking place around the world. In addition, the app makes it even more fun by ensuring you can get scores and highlights of all your favorite sports teams and events at the touch of a button.

Watch Football Online for Free on a Mobile Device With This App
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Besides giving you updates on world sports, the app can also be used to live stream sports events broadcasted from multiple TV networks, like CBS, Paramount +, and CBS sports networks. So whether you’re a new fan or a longtime enthusiast, the CBS Sports App has everything you need to immerse yourself in real-time stats, play-by-play analysis, and highlights of your favorite teams.

From the NFL, UEFA Champions League, and Europa Leagues to the PGA Championship, NCAA Basketball, and WNBA, you are given a top-notch front-row experience to a wide range of sporting events.

And if by any means you happen to miss the games, you can catch up on everything you missed during the day or even just before bed in the simplest way possible. In fact, you can scroll back through news stories and highlights and even watch replays of all your favorite team’s victories.


A Gold Mine for Football Fans

The CBS Sports app is like a treasure box of football action. Whether it is the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, or Bundesliga, you can find all the football events on the CBS Sports App. In addition to all of these major leagues, the 2022 World Cup is just around the corner.

As your go-to source for scores, highlights, and live game coverage, the CBS Sports app delivers football enthusiasts access to all the latest information, news, and in-depth analysis from each of the experts in a fast and easy way to get it all.

Live game updates are just a tap away, with team pages that offer up-to-the-minute headlines, stats, schedules, and rosters for each team. All this comes in a sleek interface with stunning graphics and animations making it easy to navigate your way around the app.


Personalize Your Viewing Contents

The greatest thing about the CBS Sports app is that it allows users to watch their favorite sports, teams, leagues, and players. And best of all, the personalization feature lets you choose what you want to see and when.

Watch Football Online for Free on a Mobile Device With This App

Moreover, with CBS Sports App, you can don’t have to endlessly scroll through the app and be buried beneath scores of games to find your favorites.

Instead, you can easily opt to get notifications and updates about the sports that you would like to see and discard the others. After you’ve selected your favorites, you’ll get highlights on demand of top moments from those matches.

In addition, you’ll get exclusive access to pregame and postgame coverage of the teams you love. You can even set up alerts and notifications, so you never miss any breaking news or team updates from your favorite teams and players.

Betting Advice From Experts

How wonderful would it be to earn some money while you lay back on the couch and enjoy your favorite game with some tasty snacks? With the CBS Sports app, you can do just that. It offers expert betting advice from Vegas SportsLine insiders so that you can earn some quick money in real-time.

You can even track your betting history and stay on top of all the other relevant news surrounding the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. With this app at your fingertips, you’ll be ready to go head-to-head with the betting markets.

The platform runs thousands of simulations daily to find the best bets in any sport, including football. Then, their proprietary algorithms look at all the information to give their viewers the top sports picks of the day, so they do not lose a single penny. That being said, sports betting is still a form of gambling and anything can happen, so use caution.

The User Interface

The CBS Sports App has a user interface that’s simple and easy to use, which is one of the many features that make it such a great app. On this app, you can sign up for an account for free. If you already have a CBS account, you can use it to log in.

Watch Football Online for Free on a Mobile Device With This App
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All the users are welcomed with a couple of introductory pages informing them with plenty of information about the app. Next, you are asked to personalize your scoreboard, news, and menu.

Here, you can drag the sports category and leagues you want to see the most on top to view them accordingly. If you are unsure about what choices to make, you can skip this step while signing up, as you can customize your preference board in the future.

In addition, the app has a redesigned navigation area on the homepage with a ‘scores’ tab at the top and four other tabs underneath. The top ‘Scores’ tab allows users to track scores and stats for all their favorite teams, while the other four —’Latest,’ Watch,’ My Teams,’ and ‘More’- allow users to get more information on everything related to sports.

Purpose of the Four Tabs

You’ll find the latest news and updates from your favorite leagues and teams in the Latest section. The Watch tab will let you know which games are being broadcast live on CBS Sports Network and CBS Sports HQ.

You can also check out exclusive clips from Inside College Football or Inside College Basketball via the My Teams section.

If you have any questions about the coverage of your favorite games or sports, just tap on More (located at the bottom) for contact information for the CBS app team of experts. In this section, you will also find options for multiple sports podcasts and CBS Sports Radio that you can enjoy alone.

How Can You Download the App?

The CBS Sports app is absolutely a must-have sports platform for football fanatics—actually, all sports lovers. The application is not just any other platform to get you the latest information and updates about your favorite sports. You can also live stream your favorite teams, and players play the game, on their mobile devices, in the comfort of their homes.

Watch Football Online for Free on a Mobile Device With This App
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So, to get the latest updates about the football world and enjoy live streaming of all the matches, you can simply download this on your mobile devices. The app can be downloaded for either iPhone or Android devices. The application is available for effortless download and for absolutely free.

Just open the Android Play Store or iOS App Store based on your device, and search for the CBS Sports App. Once you have found the application, click on it and tap on the “Install” button.

Talking about the system requirements for your device, if you are using an Android device, then the device should be working on at least Android 7.0 or above. On the other hand, if you are using an iOS device, it should have at least iOS 14.0 or later.

How Much Does the CBS Sports App Cost?

The CBS Sports app offers the best games and matches across many different sports. It has a cutting-edge menu system that allows you to find exactly what you want quickly with minimal hassle. The best part about this app is that it’s completely free! No hidden fees and no subscription fees are required.

If you are an avid sports fan, this app is sure to be right up your alley. With all the latest news, you will never miss a beat on your favorite team and up-to-date current events.

While the content is free to view, the availability of live streaming may vary from device to device. Additionally, some devices may not allow certain content to be streamed the next day.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, the CBS Sports App is a valuable streaming app for all sports fans. The #1 sporting app does not just let you get the latest updates on the sports world, but also allows you to enjoy the live streaming of the games, which is rarely provided by other applications.

When you’re a sports fan, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, and there is always time for a game. The CBS Sports app offers a variety of sports to get your fix, and the best part is it’s always with you on your phone, tablet, and TV.

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